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Let food by thy medicine

I believe Mother Earth was seeded with treasures from the galaxies. Each bringing their best to see how Mother would create with it. Could it survive and thrive in the environment it was planted? It was a science experiment. I would like to think they were watching with wonder as life unfolded in and on the surface.

Trees, shrubs, plants, moss, grasses, and flowers beginning the symphony. Each part a different note, and sound. Each area had its own undertones. When it crested, animals and humanity could join the chorus and it was harmonious.

The wisdom of the plants was learnt, and the people passed the knowledge on to their children, who passed it on to their children, who passed it on to their children… Until the towns and cities became commonplace, and agriculture was left to the farmers. Today, many farms are no longer owned by families. The ancient knowledge of working with nature was removed for higher profit margins and compliance to the rules. The rules of course supported genetically modified seeds (gmo) and the Monsanto-like corporations who profited substantially from their patents. Did you know that natural items can not be patented?

Imagine an acreage that has non-gmo plants, listening to Mother

Earth and planting trees in congruence with her. Asking the Elemental Kingdom (water, air, earth, and fire) to contribute to the plant’s growth and production. Do you think the fruit would taste different than the run of the mill food market? I really think so. I think there would be less effort required along with a bigger harvest than if it were forced.

One of the Universal Law is to live harmlessly. What is harm? What does living harmlessly mean? Does harmless mean if you have a fly in the house, you capture it and release it outside? Or do you get the fly swatter and smack it?

If food were your medicine, what would you grow? How would you grow it? Would you treat the plants harmlessly? Would you harvest it differently? Prepare it different? Eat it different? Digest it different? Would your body receive the nutrients and minerals from it different?

Or would it all be the same to you?

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