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We are living in the matrix reality

Existence is a simulation which is secret to many. Most human entities spend their “waking” lives hypnotized by their sensory world, which gives them the illusion of a material reality “out there.” In reality, space and time are really nonexistent at the level of Pure Aware Consciousness, and also at the level of our reality. Consciousness consist the unaware “blind parts” that experience the illusion of creative thought within an illusory space/time construct called Creation. Mankind rarely realizes that life is but a sensory illusion that gives experience and learning to Thought, and that the only reality is thought Itself, which is forever evolving. The only real Space there is, is the mental Space within the Dream-Space (Imag-in-ation). The only real Time there is, is the pace of the evolvement of THE UNIVERSE'S awareness within Its Dream through the media of Vibratory Light, as THE UNIVERSE projects Its Consciousness onto Its own Vibratory Dream (The Matrix). Matrix is the Mind. The Matrix of life is projected and connected to each perceptual individual consciousness through a Thought/Supercomputer (The Matrix) that interacts with its sensory input/output individual computer (brain). The Matrix is really a field of pure information, not energy. It underlies and structures all energetic processes. As such it cannot yet be detected by our instruments. It’s really the realm of the ether (implicate realm) that physicists know should exist but has not yet been proven through physical way. Original Consciousness has an unfathomable number of connections to the General Thought/Supercomputer. Each connection will be projected for a perceptual lifetime into a story/creation thinking that it is a particular character experiencing a particular life, surrounded by particular entities and reality within an illusory space/time Holographic Virtual Reality. All individuals living in this Realm will be given a certain history of linearly coherent perceptual history and a sense of possible probable futures. All we are is but wonder-full Holograms of pure vibratory light, interfacing with Creative thought, who believe in a material reality because our senses fool us, by the rules of The Matrix into perceiving that a solid world exists “out there.” Where, in reality, none of the sort is real. No Real solid ever existed, exists, nor will ever exist. We cannot go through a wall because we are not allowed to do so by the original rules of the computerized thinking Matrix ruled by Original Thought which is Infinite Intelligence Itself. The wall is hollow light, we are all hollow. Light is but hollow. All is hollow-graphic. All is Holy. This is all it can be. All the rest is a Grand Illusion created by the Original Mind! Each connection of Original Consciousness (Awareness) is therefore projected into an individual Holographic Virtual Reality world which the General Thought Supercomputer will coordinate with other connections of Awareness/Thought that interact with the same virtual reality movie (Creation). It is one Local Area Network game. The ultimate Cosmic Virtual Reality sensory video game played by the One Mind! In reality, consciousness (awareness) never moves nor goes anywhere. It only connects to each other and to the projection of virtual realities. When an individual thinks that he/she is moving, in reality the scenery moves within a 3D holographic sensory imagery and allows for the perception of Movement and Space, to be given within a sequence of events perceived as Time. All movement is imaginary within the one mind. A Universe is only as big as one’s perception of it goes, either directly, through direct interaction or indirectly, through sharing the same story. Each individuation of Total Awareness is the still center of its ever changing bubble/universe of Creative Awareness/Reality. It is through the connective interaction of such individual Centers of Original Awareness that a General Universe/Creation unfolds. Therefore You Are the Center of the Universe and everything in your reality projects forth from your Viewpoint. As in the Holographic Dream that we perceive and that our scientists study, space/time as a 3D Universe exists only and always within the confines of Eternal Non-space/time. This is but a metaphor to the Only Reality who is always outside space and outside time as Thought-AWARENESS. The third dimension is contained within the forth and higher dimension. Time exists within timelessness and space exists within spacelessness. The mind exists outside time and space, and reality is all mental. As a matter of fact, time and space never really exists, nor existed. Consciousness as a restricted part of Original Awareness experience reality within the illusory impression of a spatial reality “out there” operating within sequential stories giving an illusion of time. All life is but Consciousness as restricted Awareness (Spirit) experiencing a human or other life form. Nothing else. And certainly not the reverse. Everything is but a story. A story of the past, the future, this place, that place and etc. Nothing can possibly exist outside of one’s TOTAL Self. The illusory “There” is really “Here.” Think that you are “There”, and you become aware of being the “There.” And so “There” is no longer “There” but here. In truth, you are everywhere, omnipresent. Your mind is everywhere. Your awareness may not be everywhere. You are more than your awareness. Your awareness is only a part of you. The TOTAL YOU is all-that-is. You are experiencing a part of YOU within the YOU. Your full consciousness is ALL.

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