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6-pointed Star by 9vibesuniversal

This star is found in religions and cultures worldwide, but it's not what you think, and Nikola Tesla tried telling us.

This is called a Star Tetrahedron.

The top triangle has a universal number of 147.

The bottom has a universal number of 852.

147 = 12(3) Alpha

852 = 15(6) Omega

999 = 27(9)

Your chakras each have a frequency based on their energy and vibration, and they can be found hidden within the omega numbers.



396(9) - Root

417(3) - Sacral

528(6) - Solar Plexus

639(9) - Heart

741(3) - Throat

852(6) - Third Eye

963(9) - Crown

This is why Tesla said if you want to understand the universe think of energy, vibration, and frequency, and the keys to the universe are 3,6 and 9.

Everything is connected.

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