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Hell yes, hell no

Do you get clear answers from your questions of what is going to create greater for you? For me, my answers were convoluted and jumbled up until last summer when I was poking at why it was not ease for me to discern the truth.

I was working with a friend and we cleared a non-beneficial, non-contributing entity that had attached itself to me as I was being born into this reality. Like any muscle, you need to play with it or work it to build up that capacity. I had already learnt about Diamond Truth (DT) to get the universal absolute truths but for questions that were causally related to me, it was fuzzy.

As I dug deeper into things, I realized how aware I was of multiple timelines, lifetimes and realities and the multi-universe. Well, no wonder my answers were all over the place! I keep reading and studying various material and then stumbled across the NOW lifetime and timeline concept. Time as we know it, is not actually linear. We are the only species on Earth that can unknowingly spin off another reality which can create an alternative timeline. We have the power to collapse these timelines and get back to one if we desire.

I know for some folks; this concept might be a bit far fetched but hear me out. Have you ever had a conversation with somebody and then some time later, you are speaking with them again and reference that conversation and they look at you blankly and deny that ever happened? It has happened several times to me and initially I thought I was losing my mind and was daydreaming those events. (To be fair, this is not only reason of why someone does not remember a conversation. It can also be that the spirit running the body has changed. I have not fully explored the other possibilities of the “why” for this.) How I can tell if the entity has changed, is asking my Higher Self (HS) is this the same entity I was speaking with? If not, can they step forward now? If yes, then I try again. If the answer is no, then I can try again later.

When you start engaging with your HS and trust they have your highest and greatest good in mind, it is possible to get in the 5D flow. What is the 5D flow you ask? It is Heaven on Earth. You start to flow the light energy of where you need to be, what you need to do, and things are created as if by magic.

An example is a store had an item ready for pick up and I got into the car and started to go. It did not feel light. I turned around and went back home. A short while later, the doorbell rang, and it was another delivery. The delivery person and I chatted, and I received a bag. It did not feel like it was mine, but they were engaging, and we kept talking. When they were about to leave, I asked them to wait as I would check the bag. Sure enough, it was someone else’s. I brought it over to them and they checked their vehicle for my package, and we swapped it out. Had I been out getting the other item; it would have been a huge inconvenience for me to get this package corrected. Instead, it was handled right away. And yes, it was ease getting the other item later that week.

When I started to get clarity on my yes’s and no’s, I could sense the “lighter” choices easier. It may take time and effort to learn but it is an important lesson to integrate.

Some people use a pendulum and others are the pendulum. The fun is learning what is your way. I love creating things “My Way” and honouring other people’s choices for creating “Their Way”. The thing to remember, it is not right, not wrong – just a choice (or maybe a preference).

I invite you to be present with your mind, body, soul, spirit and higher self and learn to read the messages for a Hell yes and Hell no.

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